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Anachro-Home Monday

I see we have quite a few new members here so I'd like to say hello and welcome to all you fashionable anachronauts! I really hope to get to know all of you and see what kind of lovely ensembles you wear when out and about in the world. Please don't be shy about posting your everyday outfits.
In addition to bygone clothing styles, I wanted to include home interiors in this community because your living space can and should be fashionable too. A good friend sent me this video which showcases some amazing Victorian era taxidermy and zoomorphic designs, including furniture, jewelery and other objets d'art. Prepare to be inspired:

So to inaugurate this here community and to give all you fashionable ladies and gents an idea of what to post, here are a couple casual steamy outfits I wore to work:


Subtly Steam-ish for the OfficeCollapse )