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Post photos of casual anachronistic fashions!
We have a few different types of posts around here. Specifically we are looking for this:
What you wear when you want to show the people at the grocery store you were born a century (give or take) too late.
Street fashions of other people sporting an antiquated or vintage style.
Inspiration posts of current fashion with anachronistic elements.
Mondays are Anachro-Home Day -- post your old-timey interior decor. Living space can and should be fashionable too!
Wednesdays are Ballyhoo Day -- this is when you can post links to your webshop and pitch your wares.

If you are going to post an outfit you are wearing:

1. Have fun! This isn't a rating community, so please don't be shy.
2. Outfits should be casual but antique inspired, which means save the full hoopskirts and rayguns for steamfashion, loli or cosplay groups. We want to see how you incorporate elements of bygone fashion into your everyday wardrobe.
2. Include a photo of your outfit. If you have more than one photo, leave a teaser pic outside and put the rest of them under a cut.
3. Where did you wear your lovely ensemble? Even if it was only to work or school, we are interested! If you can, post a photo of yourself in situ.
4. We want to know where you got that gorgeous outfit you're wearing, so if you remember which store you found that amazing blouse/pocket watch/pair of boots tell us.
5. If someone comments with a critique of your outfit you can either discuss it with them or ignore them. Above all, don't take it too seriously. Personal attacks, even in self defense, will not be tolerated.
6. Don't forget to tag your post!

If you are going to post street fashion, decor or inspiration photos:
1. They should also be casual clothing or decor with some anachronistic aspect to it.
2. More than one photo needs to be under a cut with a single teaser pic left outside.
3. You need to tell us why you find your subject inspiring -- that handlebar moustache and tweed waistcoat may scream Edwardian Hottie to you, but may leave others scratching their heads.
4. If you didn't take the photo yourself, please give credit where credit is due. If you aren't sure of the source, then just tell us where you found originally found it.
5. Tag it!

If you are going to post on Ballyhoo Day:
1. Make sure your wares are relevant to this community. T-shirts printed with boneshaker bicycles are fine. Streamlined metal lunch boxes with dieselpunk pistons are fine. Handcrafted perfume inspired by Dorothy Lange's depression era photography is fine. Vintage Duran Duran posters are fine but they don't belong here, so don't post them. You get the idea.
2. Please post your store only once. If you have more than one store, you may post each store only once. You'll get another chance to post your fine products again next week.

If you are going to comment:
1. This is not a rating community.
2. Critique is fine as long as it is constructive and about the clothing. Saying "that skirt is atrocious" is distasteful and rude. Saying "I think a skirt with fewer ruffles would look better" is perfectly acceptable. If the person can't easily or at all change or remove whatever it is you have a criticism of (hair color, tattoos, weight, height, etc.), then it's off limits to criticize. Personal attacks will not be tolerated.

There Will Be Blood i.e., The following will get you banned:
1. Deletion. Do not delete your posts or comments because we will know if you do. If there is a reason you need something deleted, please private message a mod and we'll be happy to help you.
2. Racism, sexism, homophobia and body shaming are things this community leaves behind in bygone eras. There is no place for any of that here.
3. Spamming & Trolling. This is why we will have moderated membership. If you look like a spam or troll account you won't be accepted.
4. We have specific days for promoting your Etsy/Ebay/webstore/etc. Please do not post any advertisements for your shop with your outfit posts. If that is where you acquired part of your ensemble, then you can include the name of your store with your post.